Microgrid Secure™
The Microgrid Secure™ allows you to control and aggregate multiple energy systems - remotely.
Microgrid Secure™
Features and Benefits
Microgrid Secure™ is a software suite that allows you to control and aggregate multiple energy systems - remotely. Like a simple network of personal computers, the Microgrid Secure™ links together seldom-used standby and emergency backup generators at hospitals, universities, manufacturers, office towers and other facilities. This network of “mini” power plants allows utilities and high-energy users to draw additional power from these on-site sources as needed.

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Traditionally, today’s power is generated by large coal or nuclear power plants and distributed to consumers via a network of aging transmission and distribution lines, much like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Encorp’s Microgrid Secure™ combines today’s IT technology, such as low-cost computers and networking technology, with innovative Encorp software and controls to move beyond the old “one-way” power-distribution system. The Microgrid Secure™ incorporates Encorp’s renowned Gold Box™ to introduce two-way communication between the company, its remote locations and the utility.

Companies that use the Microgrid Secure™ create a reliable network of remote power plants that they control. With Encorp’s Generator Power Control™ – or Gold Box™ -- providing the brains, companies can:

  • Monitor various power parameters to determine the system efficiency;
  • Receive instantaneous signals from the utility when additional power is needed;
  • Pre-schedule downtime for preventative maintenance;
  • Much more.

The Microgrid Secure™ is "technology-neutral" by design, which means its software can communicate with any and all types and brands of power generation technology (i.e. diesel or gas engine/generator sets, gas turbines, microturbines, fuel cells, wind, hydro, and energy storage) in any combination or mode of operation. The Microgrid Secure™ is truly an open-protocol end-to-end design, with the capability to interface with commercial building automation systems, industrial energy management systems and utility grid control systems. The Encorp Microgrid Secure™ is transforming the power generation industry.

Microgrid Secure™ Features & Benefits



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